Welcome to Your First 90 Days

See a detailed plan of your onboarding schedule and learn what to expect while you get up and running on Baker. We make sure all of our clients are set up for long-term success.

"Baker's onboarding was the best experience I have had with technology"

Julie Perreault, Canuvo


    0 - 30 days

  • Onboarding Specialist Training #1

    Meet your dedicated on-boarding specialist. They will be available to help with any questions or concerns you may have over the next 30 days.

  • Import Client List

    Let us do the work and upload your customer-base into Baker. Transfer information such as contact info and loyalty points.

  • Create Loyalty Program

    Cut costs and increase loyalty with your customizable visits-based loyalty program, Checkin. We tailor the program to fit your needs, and help you learn more about your customers.

  • Launch Checkin

    Begin rapidly building up your customer-base and collecting data on your shoppers. Learn how to speak about the value propositions that will capture up to 50% of customers.

  • Embed Cell Collect

    Your website can have 10x as many visitors than your dispensary. Take advantage of this trend and turn web visitors into first-time customers by gathering visitor contact information.

  • Onboarding Specialist Training #2

    Learn about how you will increase sales and customer satisfaction with Baker's digital tools like online ordering, your branded online menu and promotions.

  • Send First Connect Message

    Build a 1:1 relationship with your customers and send out your first SMS campaign. See the results within a day!

  • Sync Menu

    Reduce customer phone calls by 25% with an up-to-date online menu. We will set up a sync so you never have to update your Baker menu.

  • Customer Success Manager Handoff

    Meet your Customer Success manager, they are here to help you get the most out of Baker.

    Build Your Brand

    30 - 60 days

  • Weekly Customer Success Manager Call

    Schedule weekly calls with your Customer Success Manager to ensure you are on track to meet your goals.

  • Launch Online Ordering

    Launch Shop! Within 6 months, the average online order is 40% higher than in-store.

  • Embed Online Menu

    Take control of your website with a beautiful branded menu. Our iFrame gets up and running with just one line of code.

  • Establish Marketing Best Practices

    Let our team guide you, we work with hundereds of dispensaries in 15 states and have seen what works best.

  • Create Your Promotional Campaign Schedule

    Save time and preschedule your SMS campaigns and build online promotions. Let's make a plan for the next 30 days.

    Drive Your Growth

    60 - 90 days

  • Bi-weekly Customer Success Manager Calls

    Schedule calls every two weeks with your Customer Success Manager. We'll ensure you are on a clear path to hit your goals.

  • Analytics and KPIs

    See how it's all working with our analytics product, Discover. Set goals for the future.

  • 90 Day Account Review

    Congrats, you made it to 90 days of Baker! Let's review all of your accomplishments and look towards the future.

Our goal is to show you a ROI with Baker in the first 90 days. This roadmap ensures that with the right time and energy, your team sees a return on your investment. But, don't worry, our team isn't going anywhere after 90 days; we will be here every step of the way as Baker continues to release new products and functionality.