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Partner With Baker

Interested in teaming up with Baker? 
Find the partner program that's right for you.


Integration Partnership

Baker’s Integration Partner Program is for companies that want to build
an integration between their technology and the Baker platform.

As a Baker Integration Partner, your software or application will be
featured on our Integrations page, giving you exposure to Baker's clients
and helping you attract more users to your technology.


Become An Integrations Partner


Service Partnership

Baker’s Service Partner Program is for agencies and consultants that
want to grow their business by providing best-in-class retention
marketing services to their clients.

As a service partner, you’ll have access to partner resources to help you
increase your revenue per client, implement expanded marketing
services, and improve client retention.


Become A Service Partner


Value Partnership

Baker’s Value Partner Program is for businesses who want to extend a
discount or an exclusive offer to Baker's retail cannabis customers. 


Become A Value Partner

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